6 SEO Tactics for 2022

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Sounds interesting, right? It is! The world of Search Engine Optimization or SEO is becoming more exciting than ever. If you have a website and want to ensure the best returns, you must have a robust SEO campaign to increase your online presence. This is an undeniable fact. Every year, search engines like Google makes hundreds of changes to its ranking algorithm. It’s through updates like Hummingbird, Bert, Rank Brain, Panda and Penguin, that the overall ranking of websites gets affected. So, how do we overcome and come out a winner? This is a million dollar question.

In this blog post, we’ve tried to shortlist the best SEO tactics for Free in the year 2022 that you can perform for achieving desired search engine rankings. As an expert SEO company San Diego CA, we want to share insight on things you can do right now. Let’s dive in!

Content Optimization Strategy

Content is King! Therefore, you need to have a vigorous content generation, optimization, and marketing strategy. Uniquely designed content (text, images, videos); with optimal usage of keywords can go a long way to boost the organic ranking of a website. It drives-in more sales, creates user-engagement and bolsters web traffic. It is all about specific information related to a company, product or service. The role of ‘content optimization’ is to improve a page’s data and make it more visible to search engines who crawl your site. As a premier San Diego SEO agency, let’s Learn what’s important in a content optimization strategy.

  • Incorporate primary and secondary keywords at the right places, and in an appropriate density. The general rule is 2% per thousand words content, and in the H1 tag in the banner, H2 tag, body content, Meta title and in Meta description. Same applies for off page blogs and articles.
  • Maintaining an optimal keyword count throughout the content.
  • Ensuring high ‘readability quotient’ for any type of website or article content.
  • Proper creation of Meta title and Meta description tags.
  • Clear paragraphing, header, banner & footer texts, highly searchable key phrases, images, videos and graphics play a key role in ranking a website.

A Great Page Experience

Something almost all SEO San Diego experts and analysts never took quite seriously? A neglected domain. It definitely matters a lot because Google wants to ‘humanize’ its organic ranking algorithm. Understanding what Google wants and loves to see in a web page or a web site is vital for keeping up with the algorithm. A page experience can be calculated on certain key metrics or core web vitals as shown below. Getting these metrics up will boost your will advance your online presence.

  • Page loading speed via Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • First Input Delay (FID) or page interactivity
  • Page visual stability measured in Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Boosting Page Loading Speed for Better Conversions

A ‘good’ page speed can definitely improve your chances on securing brownie points over your competitor, as it helps to improve the ‘conversion ratio’ and achieve better organic rankings in SERPs. Here’s how you can increase your page loading speed and enhance user-experience.

  • Minimize unnecessary HTML codes on your page.
  • Reducing server response time.
  • Choosing the right web hosting options.
  • Enabling caching of browsers.
  • Compressing images on websites.

Reducing Bounce Rate

Having ‘clean’ site architecture, quick page loading speed, and an enhanced user-experience is the key to reducing the ‘bounce rate’ of a web page. When a user dwells on a page or a site for a longer period of time, there’s an increased chance of conversion for your company. This is one of the key aspects in any digital marketing strategy and SEO services San Diego.

You can expect Google to roll out a new ranking algorithm that sets user ‘dwell time’ or ‘bounce rate’ to be one of the key metrics in organically ranking a site. This is quite relevant, considering the user-experience and customer engagement point of view. A dwell time in excess of 4-5 minutes is a good SEO performance indicator for any website. Here, ‘Dwell Time’ refers to the exact time a visitor spends on a page, looking for information. These are the ways to reduce your bounce rate:

  • Creating sub-headers
  • Using bullet points in text
  • Optimally using white space in a page
  • Having images & screenshots on pages
  • Using the ‘Inverted Pyramid’ style of writing

Optimizing Heading Tags

In a recent “page title update”, launched by Google’s ranking algorithm, the SEO industry as a whole was taken by surprise. Google started to automatically rewrite the title tags of all web pages, based upon the H1 tag or heading. This is a significant change of Google’s algorithm. In fact, by taking all the necessary steps to modify the H1 & H2 tags in the body of the website content or articles is now a key metric to SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). In addition, the use of “long tail keywords” in heading tags, counts towards your rank as well. Make sure all of your heading tags and titles are optimized.

Focusing on Topic Clusters

Instead of solely focusing on keywords, you first need to understand the real intent of your web visitors. What they’re looking for in a website and what they are expecting. This is exactly where featured snippet boxes come into action. The bottom line is, you need to know your target audience. Keywords alone cannot help rank a website. There has to be specific topic clusters on a page that attracts readers or site visitors. This is usually referred to as “user intent” that any webmaster, digital marketer, or local SEO company San Diego will focus on. There must be certain pockets or clusters of relevant content, which you think your audience is actually searching for.


SEO can be quite confusing. Make sure you do your research or work with someone/agency you trust. These were the 6 major SEO tactics you can do for FREE, in order to achieve the desired ‘organic’ rankings in SERPs. Follow these tips and you will surely boost your SEO campaign for your business. Let us know your thoughts!